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Störungscode H31_ECOi_MF1



Alarm Code H31
Alarm meaning HIC trouble alarm
Alarm conditions This alarm occurs when the microcomputer identifies a trouble signal (indicating abnormal HIC temperature or other trouble) from the HIC.
The HIC judges the current and temperature, and outputs the trouble signal. In general this indicates trouble with the HIC itself.
Probable cause Overcurrent in HIC circuit, and the resultant abnormal heating, caused by HIC failure

Check the power wiring and connector wiring. If the wiring and connectors are normal, use a tester to measure the resistance between the compressor HIC power (HIC+) and ground (HIC–). If there is a short circuit, there is an HIC malfunction.

Correction If an HIC failure is found, replace the PCB.
Notes Turn OFF the power, and check the continuity of HIC+ and HIC– on the HIC PCB.





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