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Störungscode P29_ECOi_MF1



Alarm Code P29
Alarm meaning Inverter compressor missing phase or lock alarm
Alarm conditions This alarm may occur at start, and occurs when missing phase or lock is detected, and when a DCCT failure occurs.
Probable cause Generally this alarm occurs when the refrigerant pressure balance is uneven at start, or when inverter compressor lock occurs, there is a missing phase in the inverter compressor wiring, or a DCCT failure occurs. This can be judged to be starting trouble which is not caused by HIC.
Check Check the power wiring and connector wiring.
Correction DCCT failure (replace PCB) or compressor failure
Notes Use a tester to measure the voltage between the DCCT output terminal on the rear of the PCB and the ground. If the voltage is not within 2 – 3 V, then the DCCT has malfunctioned.





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