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Störungscode L17_ECOi_MF1


Alarm Code L17
Alarm meaning Outdoor unit model mismatch
Alarm conditions This alarm occurs when a unit other than R410A refrigerant model is connected.
Probable cause
  1. A unit that uses R407C refrigerant, or a R22 model unit, was connected by mistake.
  2. The connected unit is correct, however the refrigerant type setting in the outdoor unit EEPROM (item code 80) is incorrect.
  1. Check the refrigerant type at the connected unit.
  2. Use the outdoor unit maintenance remote controller and check the item code 80 refrigerant type. If the setting is incorrect, change it to R410A.
Notes The outdoor unit´s maintenance remote controller is required in order to set the refrigerant type in the outdoor unit EEPROM.






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