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Störungscode P22_ECOi_MF1



Alarm Code P22
Alarm meaning Fan motor trouble
Alarm conditions Fan motor start failure, fan motor Hall IC input failure 
Probable cause Possible causes are a Hall IC input circuit failure and a fan HIC failure.

Check the fan motor wiring, the Hall IC wiring, and the connector connections. If the wiring and connectors are normal, then check that the capacitor of the Hall IC input circuit is securely soldered onto the PCB. Also use a tester and measure the resistance between fan HIC power (HIC+) and ground (HIC–). If there is a short circuit, there is an HIC malfunction.

Fan circuit on the outdoor unit control PCB

* In the 3-WAY SYSTEM, the fan circuit PCB is integrated with the outdoor unit PCB.


If the fan does not start, the below corrections may be effective.

  1. If there is a fan HIC failure or circuit failure, replace the PCB.
  2. If the fan motor is locked, replace the fan motor.
Notes Turn OFF the power, and check the continuity of “+” and “–” on the fan circuit PCB.





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