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Störungscode E16_ECOi_MF1



Alarm Code E16
Alarm meaning Automatic address setting alarm (too many units)
Alarm conditions The number of indoor units was too many when automatic address setting was performed. After initial communications were completed, an unrecognized unit was detected.
Probable cause
  1. The number of indoor units set at the indoor unit quantity setting SW (S004, S005) on the outdoor unit PCB is less than the number set.
  2. The inter-unit control wiring is wired incorrectly.
  1. Refer to the test run servicing materials and check the number of indoor units that is set.
  2. Check the inter-unit control wiring at the indoor and outdoor units.
Correction After correcting the indoor unit quantity setting or the inter-unit control wiring, perform automatic address setting again. 





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